April 04, 2021

4 Qualities of Italian-Style Homes That Will Convince You to Have One

When looking for a luxury home, design is one of the primary things that buyers look at. Today, luxury home designs vary greatly because some prefer a modern and minimalist approach, while others find comfort and elegance in classic design elements. 

If you’re part of the latter group and you’re looking for a timeless luxury home, then Italian-style houses are worth keeping under your radar. They’re cozy, sophisticated, and casually grand, with several aesthetic and functional features that will surely catch your eye. It’s no wonder that Italian-themed homes like Valenza H&L (house and lot) are a popular option among luxury home buyers. If you’re not familiar with the qualities of an Italian-style home, here are some of the best things about this deluxe property: 


A Home That Lasts Many Generations

Stucco, marble, stone, and thick wooden planks are among the most common building materials used in Italian homes. This is why they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they are highly durable too. 

In the Philippines, an Italian-style house like Valenza H&L is easy to spot because of its classy roof tiles that are resistant to rot and insect damage. It also has stone pillars that showcase structural integrity and visual appeal. As such, in terms of structure and design, an Italian-inspired home can stand the test of time.


A Home That Reflects Supreme Elegance

Warmth and elegance meet in Italian-style houses like Valenza H&L. Exterior paint colors like yellow and honeycomb are dominant in the community of Valenza, reminiscent of the sunny days in Italia. Dark browns and whites accent these houses to create a rustic look.

While these houses are lovely on the outside, their interiors aren’t furnished yet, so future owners will have the freedom to design their Italian-inspired home. They can merge modern and classic Italian design elements, use natural materials, and hang up artworks or accent objects to illuminate the entire house with style. 


A Home With Spacious Rooms

Of course, you can’t have a truly elegant home without multiple spacious rooms. Italian-inspired homes in Valenza can have a floor area of up to 211 square meters. Inside these houses, you can fit five bedrooms and still have spacious living, dining, and kitchen areas. The largest units also have other luxury features such as a car garage, porch, lanai, and a balcony.


A Home With Blooming, Green Surroundings

Italy is known for its regal, symmetrical, and well-manicured gardens. And so it makes sense that Valenza H&L comes with a pocket garden where you can grow vibrant, sweet-smelling flowers and gorgeous shrubs. In the community of Valenza, you won’t just be provided with your own green space. The entire subdivision is filled with refreshing greens, such as tree-lined jogging trails, landscaped open spaces, and playgrounds for a scenic and relaxing home environment.

An Italian-style home is definitely a smart option if you’re looking for a house that will never go out of style. For a completely luxurious lifestyle, consider getting an Italian-inspired home within a themed subdivision. Apart from amenities, you’ll be delighted with the picturesque walkways, fountains, and statues that complement your aesthetic Italian home.


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