April 04, 2021

Themed Residence: The Choice for Next-Level Luxury Living

Luxury living calls for a deluxe home, but residential options vary among luxury home buyers. For young professionals who are always on-the-go, the best option is to live in a sophisticated high-rise condo tower. But for those who prefer more privacy, more space, and more inspiring surroundings, the emerging option is a themed residential subdivision.

Themed subdivisions are becoming popular by the day, especially among people who want to escape the metropolitan’s hustle and bustle. Many of these scenic subdivisions are located in the suburbs, so residents will get the bonus of having a tranquil home environment.

Living in a suburban themed subdivision indeed feels like a dream. Here are other things to expect from this kind of residence fit for a luxe lifestyle.


Inspired by World-Renowned Destinations

Several themed subdivisions are patterned after international travel destinations. One example of this is the residential community of Valenza, which is inspired by the romantic vibe of Italy. With well-appointed greens, picturesque walkways, and charming water features and sculptures, the subdivision is a piece of Italy in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. To complete this thematic residence, every Valenza H&L (house and lot) is designed following Mediterranean architecture, with tiled roofs, vibrant colors, and stoned walls.


The Finer Things in Life in a Luxurious Setting

A suburban themed subdivision offers the luxury of vast spaces and a laid-back environment. Here, you can peacefully enjoy life's pleasures and make use of amenities to bond with loved ones. Landscaped greens and jogging trails encourage an outdoor lifestyle. A swimming pool allows for a refreshing downtime, while the playground, basketball court, and function room cater to other lifestyle preferences.


High Levels of Safety and Convenience

Safety is a main concern when moving to a new home, but it’s not something to worry about when living in an upscale, themed subdivision. Guarded entrances and 24/7 security are standard safety measures in this kind of residential community. For added safety, some developments also have high perimeter walls and well-lit streets.

Residential subdivisions like Valenza also ensure that residents will enjoy a convenient life. For example, living in a Valenza H&L allows you to easily visit prestigious schools, name-brand shops, and even tourist destinations in the South.


A Private, Spacious Home

Luxury, themed residences are also known for their spacious units in single-detached style. When buying a new home, single-detached houses generally rank the highest in privacy and deluxe feel. In this type of house, expect plenty of spaces for relaxation and other lavish features like a balcony, porch, lanai, and garage. A house this big often provides three to five bedrooms — similar to Valenza H&L units. And because they are free-standing, you’ll hardly experience problems with noise. Plus, you’ll get a spacious outdoor space for landscaping that will further boost your home’s curb appeal.

From aesthetics to privacy, there are several features that make a suburban themed subdivision an excellent residential option. By residing here, you're sure to get increased feelings of peace, comfort, and splendor.

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