March 03, 2021

Top European Furniture Styles that Exude Elegance and Luxury

European-style designs are often associated with elegance and luxury due to Europe’s rich history and significant contributions to architecture.  European furniture style is suitable for exclusive subdivisions with European themes like Valenza. Valenza has an Italian-themed neighborhood, making it an excellent place for property seekers who want a modern luxurious lifestyle. If you just bought a Valenza h&l and intend to redecorate your home and replace your furniture with elegant ones, there are various themes to choose from, one of which is European furniture.  Among the most remarkable architectural designs are from the ancient Greek and Roman period and the renaissance, ranging from minimalistic to extravagant. The lifestyles of previous rulers also became a factor as to why most contemporary luxurious designs are heavily influenced by European style. The romanticization of royalties in pop culture also plays a significant role in incorporating European styles in luxury and elegance.


Top European Furniture Styles that Exude Elegance and Luxury


Various designs have evolved from these periods, making the European style one of the most prevalent themes that exudes elegance and luxury. If you want to stick to a European theme, there are various furniture styles you can choose from. 


Art Nouveau Style

Also known as New Art, Art Nouveau is a style that was formed as a rebellion against the European art schools during the 19th century. Art Nouveau incorporates fluid and asymmetrical lines for the furniture’s design combined with luxurious fine wood. This makes Art Nouveau furniture bold yet elegant and luxurious. Art Nouveau is suitable for those who want an intricate, elegant theme. 


Art-Deco Style

As opposed to Art Nouveau that uses fluid lines, Art-Deco incorporates geometrical shapes to highlight luxury, glamour, and modernity. Art-Deco uses expensive materials such as silk velvet; and metals like chrome, aluminum, and stainless steel for the furniture, making the furniture costly. Art-Deco is inspired by a movement in Paris in the 1920s called the “Roaring Twenties.”


British Colonial Style

British Colonial style refers to furniture styles that were developed in areas that Britain colonized. The colonies are the ones responsible for crafting furniture using Victorian and Georgian styles. What makes the British Colonial style different from Victorian and Georgian styles is the materials used in the furniture. British Colonial furniture uses materials that can only be found in the colonial territories, making them unique and valuable. 


French Style

Nothing exudes luxury like French furniture style. As the world’s fashion capital, France maintained its luxurious vibe in various aspects, including its furniture. French style’s elegance is unmatched as France houses some of the most expensive fabrics and materials, allowing French craftsmen to maintain excellent quality and experiment with new designs. Modern French style takes inspiration from various periods like the Rococo, Renaissance, and Revival eras. One of the French style’s trademarks is integrating Rococo or late Baroque style, whether through a traditional or modern design. Late Baroque style is characterized by extravagant ornaments, pastel colors, and asymmetrical and scrolling curves combined with art paintings, creating a theatrical architectural style. 


Choosing the Right Furniture Style


When choosing a theme for your furniture, it is highly advisable to stick to one theme for your furniture so that the pieces complement each other and create a harmonious and unified look. It is also important to match it with your house’s architectural theme. For Italian-style houses like Valenza h&l,  European furniture styles are ideal options. 


If you want to take inspiration from various styles, you may choose custom-made furniture in order to capture your vision. Luxury and elegance can be achieved by creating harmony in your living spaces, providing comfort and aesthetically pleasing designs.


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