March 03, 2021

Luxury House: To Buy or To Build?

Good news — there’s more than one way to finally have the home of your dreams. A house with drool-worthy amenities, the highest quality materials, and lavishly decorated rooms, you can build it or buy it. Either way, there will be serious purchases involved. For instance, if you’re taking the building route, you’ll need to acquire raw land for your luxury house. Some choose to buy an existing home and renovate it according to their preferences.

Meanwhile, there are upscale residential developments like Valenza, known to offer single-detached premium houses. There’s no need for building or exterior modifications because they’re already tastefully designed to accommodate a luxurious lifestyle. 

Choosing whether to buy or build your home can be difficult at first. Read further to learn which way is best for you.

You Should Build It  

If you want to go big on customization. 

Building your home on raw land gives you boundless freedom when it comes to visual architecture. A vacant piece of land can also be considered a fresh canvas. It’s the perfect place to build a home that’s highly customized according to your personality or preferences.

If you prefer the highest level of privacy. 

You’ll enjoy the luxury of privacy if you choose raw land located in a low-density or highly exclusive village. For ultimate seclusion, look out for far-flung destinations to get away from it all.  

If you don’t mind the cost. 

Generally, building a home from scratch is costlier than buying. Costs for property research, quality building materials, and utilities need to be taken care of. If you’re planning to add advanced or eco-friendly systems to your home, you’ll be looking at a steeper overall price.

You Should Buy It 

If you want extra lavish features. 

Buying a house and lot (H&L) in themed subdivisions like Valenza allows you to access a host of amenities within the community. These include a swimming pool, landscaped areas, and a function room. Every Valenza H&L exudes a charming, classy vibe with its Italian-themed architecture. Deluxe house features are also available, such as a car garage, a maid’s room, and a balcony. 

If you want to move immediately.

Buying a luxury house like Valenza H&L is perhaps the quickest way to experience a lavish life. A ready-for-occupancy unit offers a sizable living space, with three to five bedrooms. You can spruce up the interior as soon as you move in and settle down in no time.

If you value convenience.

Valenza H&L and other similar developments aren’t all about luxury. If you buy a house and lot in one of these subdivisions, you’re also paying for ultimate accessibility. They’re located near first-rate schools, hospitals, and popular shops, putting you close to everything that guarantees a comfortable life.

In the end, buying a house and building one from scratch have their own advantages. The right choice depends on the kind of luxury you want. For the luxury of convenience, the best option is to buy a house. If you prefer to indulge in complete freedom and privacy, building from scratch is the way to go.


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